How Useful is a of Bark Collar

by Colin M. Seal

Dogs bark and this is the principal mode of communication for the canine species. Barking signifies that dogs are delighted, angry, hungry or trying to warn their master about the presence of an intruder. The problem is if dogs bark too much especially during the night time, it will be very annoying and disturbing for you and neighbors. The option of dog owners is to purchase a bark collar to prevent their pet from barking too much and help train it to bark when it is necessary and not at normal neighbourhood activity.

These unique devices were made to train a dog to the correct amount of barking. The electronic bark collars work according to the standards of aversive training. Aversive dog training refers to the act of restraining your dogs to do something by using repulsive forms of stimulus. This aversive motivation includes a forewarning followed by slight static impulse - it's uncomfortable and distracts the dog from barking. It's similar to what you get if you touch a shopping trolley.

The intervals and power of these little impulses can be increased or reduced through control buttons depending on the intensity that you want or can be automatic. There is a bark collar appropriate for large dogs, smaller dogs. The idea to correct the dog at a low level so that if it needs to bark for the right reason it will probably not feel the impulse due to it's 'excitement level'.

The bark collar is comfortable with an adjustable strap. The Citronella variety is deemed to be safe and effective. It is not difficult to operate and you are assured that the collar will not cause any harm to your dog. Recent research about this specific collar pointed out that it can reduce annoying barking by more than 85%.

If your dog starts barking, a small spray of natural citronella spray is given out. The dog finds this distracting, it has a highly sensitive sense of smell. In fact, the dog will not like the odor, noise and feeling of citronella. This will definitely reduce their barking.

On the other hand, the sonic bark collar, static and citronella repelling. The electric or static model is also easy to use. You only need to place this unit around the neck of your dog. It is a battery-powered collar that senses the vibrations of the vocal cords of your dog so every time it starts to bark it will get a slight correction. It is said to be more effective in controlling barking.

There is also an indoor collarless bark control with a built-in microphone that can sense barking as much as five meters away. It is suitable for indoor use. The outdoor bark control used in the front and back yards has a capacity of 15 meters. It produces a shrill sound that humans cannot hear if barking is perceived.

Remember when selecting a Bark Collar for your dog it is best to seek the advice of an expert to help match the dog and it's behaviour to the right product to get the best results. It is not about punishing the dog or affecting it's personality it is about retraining the dog and giving it some guidelines.

Colin Seal from The Dog Line advises and supplies people with Remote Dog Training Collars for help and support with dog training issues. Find more information and a Dog Training Collar Review on the website for The Dog Line. Citra Oriental


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