Unique Homemade Ice Cream Recipes: Come Up With Your Own

By: Genesis Davies

When you buy an ice cream maker, the last thing you're probably thinking of is unique homemade ice cream recipes. The booklet that comes with your machine will give you all the basics, vanilla, chocolate and ice milk . . . but what about when you're ready to move beyond those?

There are hundreds of wonderful unique homemade ice cream recipes out there and you can easily make your own up. In fact, some of the best recipes are the ones that will come from your own tastes. Do you love peanut butter and banana sandwiches? Why not make your own ice cream using those flavors?

Its actually pretty easy to make your own flavors of ice cream. You just need some imagination. It also helps to have a really great base recipe, most likely the one that comes with the ice cream maker. Then you can build on that with any ingredients you like.

Start with the flavoring. There are plenty of candy flavors that come in liquid or oil form. A few drops of this in your mixture and you have a taste cotton candy homemade ice cream or a cinnamon flavor. There are literally hundreds of flavors like this, so have a few favorites on hand.

Next, add some fun ingredients. If you want to make bubblegum flavor, add the flavoring and then chop up some gumballs to toss into the mixture. Anything semi solid or solid should be dumped in at the very end when the ice cream is already frozen. Stir in the nuts, candy or other ingredients and then pop into the freezer to harden up.

You can come up with infinite unique homemade ice cream recipes simply by thinking about what you love to eat. Just about any dessert can be converted into an ice cream recipe with a little deconstruction. Coffee ice cream with cream and chocolate syrup becomes tiramisu, while a chocolate bar crushed and added to chocolate ice cream makes a delightful dessert. Use your imagination and enjoy!

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