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Best Quality Rug Pad Size: 2' x 8' RunnerWhen it comes to rugs, we find that there are a number of different oriental rugs available in the market. But have you every try to know what do these oriental rugs mean? Most of the people just select the appearance of the rugs without knowing about its texture and other things involved in its making. Oriental rugs, as appearing from their name are those specific rugs which come from specific countries. These rugs contain in them the social and cultural features of the area from where they had been produced. There are many sources of oriental rugs. It means that oriental rugs come from some specific countries which are famous for their products throughout the world. Here in this article, I will try to cover those sources.
On top of all oriental rugs, Persian rugs are most popular among people from all over the world. Due to their specific designs and weaving techniques they are termed as best quality rugs. Actually Persian country presently we call it Iran has been producing best quality rugs from centuries. Also some traditional designs are called after name of the region where the come from like Tabriz, Kerman, Sarouk and so on. These are really incredible master pieces which you can use in special areas of your home to impress your visitors.
Among other sources of oriental rugs, there are India, Turkey, Pakistan and China. The area rugs that come from these regions are also thought to be mark of identification being of best quality. Actually all these countries are interrelated from many centuries. So their culture and social traditions are almost the same with a slight regional impact which is also not so different from each other. Further, the craftsmen producing these masterpieces for your drawing rooms have got skill from their forefathers who did not have their match in this skill.
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