Pisang Epe

Grill Pisang EpePisang Epe is a traditional food from Makassar, Indonesia.

Its main ingredient is the "kepok" banana. If you've been to Makassar you will find so many sellers of Pisang Epe around Losari beach, famous beaches in Makassar. In the afternoon until late at night people started coming to the Losari beach not only to enjoy the wind and the ocean view but also to enjoy the delights Pisang Epe. Here we will give Pisang Epe recipe. Try and enjoy.

16 ripe "kepok" bananas, peeled skin
Ingredients for sauce:
> 250 grams of brown sugar, thin slices
> 100 ml of water
> 1/4 tsp salt
> 5 ripe durian seeds, seeded
> 1 pc pandan leaves
Put sugar, water and pandan leaves into the pan, cook until boiling. When boiling add salt and durian and cook until thick. Grilled bananas over hot coals, do not forget to turn it over until both sides become baked and fragrance and then press the bananas. Arrange bananas on a plate and pour sauce.
As a variation you can replace the sauce with cheese milk, chocolate or to taste.

Picture source :

Citra Oriental


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