traditional food recipePa'piong cuisine is one of the traditional Toraja origin. Cuisine that is inserted in the bamboo. Indeed, this is weird but unique cuisine from the Toraja. Pa'piong usually contains pork, buffalo meat, meat goldfish but not mixed with each other. Later the meat is mixed with vegetables and spices. To vegetables Toraja people usually call Utan Bulunangko, but can also use unripe jackfruit or banana stem.
traditional food recipeTo spice mixed vegetables with salt, ginger, spring onion and chilli. If pork or buffalo meat is usually added to the blood. Overall good mix of meat, which is in small pieces, vegetables, and spices. Once all mixed with the average, and insert in the bamboo tubes that are cut along internode. Furthermore, bamboo is closed / corked with a banana leaf be directly above the fireplace.

Use a wood stove that is rather difficult to burn a cross on the both ends buffer. Wood works for this base is bamboos.

Would like to try it please come to Toraja, stalls in Toraja currently provides a variety of cuisines Pa'piong, and you can also find at the customary festival

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