Procedures to send a dog outside the island

Brandon My Shih TzuTo send the dog outside to the island there are several things that need to be done, that is:
1. Make sure dogs have to get rabies vaccine
2. Ask for a letter from the veterinarian that the dog is healthy
3. Ask for a letter of recommendation from the infusion animal farming purposes
4. Ask for a letter of recommendation from the animal farm of origin. Animal Husbandry Department will issue a letter of 5 each to the airport quarantine Center, Animal Husbandry goals, Animal Husbandry origin, sender, and Animal Husbandry Archives home
5. Then take a dog to the local quarantine airport to get a permit to submit a letter of information obtained from the farm of origin and also a letter of recommendation from the livestock purposes. Center will issue a quarantine permit the next shipment will be brought together with the dog at the time of delivery
6. Bring a dog to service delivery / cargo to be pondered and pay charges based on weight
7. When the dog on the departure day or evening hours may not be a problem, but if the departure in the morning should take home a dog must first be given to eat and drink. So that the dog does not travel in tight, so try not to give the food a few hours before the departure. In the morning departure then the dog was brought to the service or directly to the airport. This is done so that the dog does not run because the famine was at delivery.

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