Let's groom our lovely dog ourself...

Citra OrientalWe could do grooming our dog personally in the house without must use the other people's service. It was not difficult to grooming by ourself, not only it can save costs to pay grooming services, we also will be more close to our dog.
The first step, of course, preparing equipment, such as shampoo, towels, hairdryer, brush, tooth brush, face powder, nail clippers, etc. (for a dog which has long hair like Shih Tzu we also have to prepare hairpin and rubber). Before being bathed, firstly comb its hair so that untangled because if having the hair that was tousled at the time of wet its hair will get tangled and will be difficult to comb it. Try to get in order to bathe it at the time of the hot weather or in other words when the condition for the weather was not cold so that when being bathed by the dog was not cold, but if the condition did not support better use warm water. There were some dogs that did not like cold water.
Clean ears with used cotton bud or the cotton that was given alcohol or could also baby oil, did slowly and in a careful manner in order to not injure dog ears. Afterwards cleaned the eyes part especially the normal corner part had the waste, don't forget to clean the nose part because the dog had the habit discovered so as to have the waste that adhered.

Pour the body part through to wet all afterwards the head part, when pouring the head part closed the two ears so that water does not enter. Scattered shampoo then rubbed through to level all through the body. Brush the anus part by using the soft brush so that waste that adhered to the hair was thrown away. For the part foot cleaned arrived at gaps foot in order to not have the backward waste but also to avoid nested it lice. Did massage slowly to launch the circulation of its blood. After that poured came back with water until clean, try to get in order to not have the remnants shampoo that was left. Do not forget to brush its teeth too.

After you were sure the dog has been clean from shampoo, blow-dry with a towel so that the trickle of water and then dried with a hairdryer. All the body must be really dry especially the armpit part and the foot gap. if you feel all of the parts has been dry, scattered the powder. To prevent the lice attack could use the special powder lice, afterwards comb the hair slowly followed the growth direction of the hair.

Cut the hair that grew was not uniform in order to be seen neat but also the part foot especially at the foot gap to prevent the lice emergence. Don't forget to cut the nail that has been long so that skin is not wounded when the dog scratched his body.

Finally, the process of grooming is complete, easy is not it? If you enjoy and make happy with your dog, it can feel and will enjoy it too. Now dog is clean and ready to start playing again.

Shih Tzu

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