A dog needed to be loved too

Just like human, a dog needs affection and love too. Although it only an animal but the dog instinct have just as much as human. It can feel when it beloved and get love, but it can also feel when we angry with it or we hurt it in any way. At the time we intend to keep the dog, do not hold that it is just an animal so that later we can treat it as one likes us but we think the withdrawal will be the coming of a new family member in our house.
Dog is friendly animal, it can be a friend when we happy and sad. It can become a real friend when a disaster struck us and there was not a friend that we can reassure but it can do. If we love and assume it as our friend so that when we feel sad it participated likewise when we're so happy It will feel happy. When we are happy to see, usually a dog will jump around while bark as if it participate our happiness. And when we are usually feel sadness it will sat beside us while look at us as if it'd like to say something that can entertain us and become a faithful listener when we moan .
Do not tied to or inserted your dog into the enclosure too long because it will be bore, invite them to play such as catch the ball, romp or invite them walk because it will be very happy and feel that you love it. Besides, invites them to play with or walk can preclude it from obesity the lack of sport and so it do not noisy because it bark continuously. Of course our neighbors uncomfortable when our dog bark continuously, is not it?
Therefore love your dog that we keep the withdrawal we love our family members ....


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