Aglaonema Care - Tips & Tricks

If we want our aglaonema could appear beautiful and attracted, here are several tips and tricks that could be carried out:

1. Planting media
From some experiences and also from some other sources, the planting media that can be used to plant Aglaonema are: hapless sand, bamboo leaves, roasted husk, coco peat, fern, kaliandra. Even a collector Aglaonema from Bogor namely Mr. Gede Sudarma use land as mix. Media must be porous and not dense so that roots can grow well and the water does not stagnate. Replacement of the media are encouraged to be conducted every 6 months so that plants can grow well.

2. Pottery
Better use the pottery that had many holes so that when watering of water could not at once leave and well up in the media. Adapt the measurement of the plant to the pottery in order to be seen symmetrical but also so that the growth of the root is not disrupted. Try to get also so that the colour of the pottery that was used in accordance with the plant so as to be seen beautiful.

3. Location / Placement
Aglaonema is the plant that was happy to calm places and was not affected by the direct sun rays so as to agree when being placed in the room or as the indoor plant. When the plant was placed in the room, try to get so that a week very much the plant was issued in order to get the light from the sun rays because when it too long in the room then its growth was not better. Aglaonema could be also placed in the room was open, in order to be not affected by the sun rays immediately could be placed in the house terrace or under the auspices of the tree but if the number of plants often could use shading net.

4. Watering
One of the most important matters that must be paid attention to in maintained aglaonema in order to be able to grow fertile was the problem of watering. Often was encountered our lovely aglaonema that earlier was seen fresh suddenly became withered and finally died, and when the media was checked evidently its root was rotten. Rotten its root resulting from the media that was too wet because of excessive watering or was known with the term over watering. In the watering dry season could be carried out very much in a day and at the time of the rain season 3 to 4 days very much but continued to be paid attention to by its media when the surface part was seen dry should not too much the spirit to immediately watered it better check first its underside if quite dry just was carried out by watering but if still was wet better watering was not carried out.

5. Fertilization
Aglaonema need adequate nutrition to grow and develop well so that fertilization should be done regularly at around 1 to 3 weeks. There are so many types of fertilizers that are sold such as NPK, Growmore, Vitablum, Gandasil B, Decastar, etc.. In the fertilizer note the recommended dose and also the age of Aglaonema itself because of age differences require different elements of the macro as well. When the young age of the plant elements Nitrogen is very involved in the process of growth, but when the adults need not tread too big but still needed. Note also that over-fertilization can cause leaf wilt / burn and also waved.

6. Pests and Diseases
Always keep environmental hygiene Aglaonema your place because the environment is not clean can invite came seeds of disease that can attack your lovely Aglaonema. To overcome the attack of pests such as lice and worm on the leaf and stem can be used insecticide (Sevin, Metindo, or Decis), while the decay to the root of fungicide use (Dythane / Antracol).

7. Shine The Leaf
The beautiful of Aglaonema radiated from its leaves. So that the leaves always appear attracted and enchanted the person who saw it try to get so that the appearance leaves shine. This could be done by means of wiping the leaves with used tissue or wet cloth, also could use the milk water or coconut milk. We often want to so that the leaves are always seen fresh so as when watering of the leaves part then took part in being poured in fact must be known that not all good water for watering especially for the leaves like for example water that contained chlorine. When being sprayed in the leaves part, then at the time of dry the surface of the leaves will be seen the former coloured chlorine water white as a result will reduce the appearance of the leaves. It was for that purpose then the leaves must be wiped so that always appearance shines and at the end the person that saw then will be amazed and was enchanted by its appearance.

With the good maintenance then aglaonema can appear enchanted, grew well and had the leaves, the stick, and the healthy root. The leaf can grow compact and colour released will gain strength and assertive transmits its the grace. Conversely if not well impossible to get the beauty and togetherness that leaves even the damaged leaves, stem and root decay and can even result in death. Of course we not want to aglaonema ended tragic not? Not only you will lose the pet collection but the cost that was spent to have it will be in vain.

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