Aglaonema....The Queen of Leaves

Aglaonema... we could also mention it Queen of leaf is the plant that was very famous in the world of decorative plants and many people enchanting with colors. In Indonesia, people knew Greg Hambali as the initiator in changed aglaonema that initially was green to aglaonema that had many colors and motives and his first result was Pride of Sumatra. He introduced Pride of Sumatra to the public during 1985, and as we known that the world of decorative plants became sensational with its emergence. With the green color in the part on its leaves was temporary its underside was red even so with the vein of the leaves and its leaves bones, Pride of Sumatra made people who saw it to was enchanted.

People then compete to crossing aglaonema to produce the new variant. Indonesian people had produced many kinds of aglaonema such as: Adelia,Arimbi, Audrey, Diana, Donacarmen, Hot Lady, Tiara, Widuri, Widya, etc.

With the colors of leaf like red, yellow, white, green, pink, and variegated patterns even there was like "batik" makes people who have it care and treat it like a queen so that it was reasonable if we called it queen leaves.

For the lovers but also the collector, they must want so that their aglaonema were seen beautiful so as they carried out various methods of receiving satisfactory results. One of the methods that was carried out so that aglaonema was seen beautiful and interesting was its leaves was wiped with used tissue or wet cloth so that always apparently shine in fact not a little that used the method with smear it the milk water or coconut milk.

But, of course, leaves a shiny appearance and need to be supported with the healthy stick and root. If both elements are not necessarily be impossible to get look leaves as expected. The most frequently experienced by the people is root decay caused by over watering. People often watering media without first checking whether the media at the bottom is still wet or dry, for fear that their aglaonema will dead when they saw the surface of the media is dry then they watering again beneath the part is still wet so that the media is too wet and will invite bacteria that can disrupt the root. Bacteria can cause root decay and will ultimately result in death for the queen when the leaves can not be cured.

If you want the queen leaves always look beautiful, prime, and the need to attract good care of course.

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