Aglaonema's diseases

As decorative plants, aglaonema vulnerable to various kinds of diseases either caused by fungi, animals, or bacteria.
Some kind of disease that often attack aglaonema such as :

1.Bacterial stem rot
Causes : Bacteria Erwinia Carotovora
Symptoms: leaf and stem became soft, remove the slime and the smell is not tasteful, the color changed into blackish-brown
Control : use Agrept accordance with the recommended dose and then sprayed overlooks the plant, replaced the old media with the planting of new

2. Wilted Fusarium
Causes : Fusarium Oxysporium (fungus)
Symptoms: leaves changing color of the bones to be grayish-brown, the stem became dark and rotted then finally bent
Control : spray the plant with fungicide such as Daconil, Manzante, or Orthocide in accordance with the dose of the suggestion, replaced the old media with the new one and it must be cleaned and sterile; try to get so that the media is not wet/muddy.

3. Decomposed root Citra OrientalAglaonema grower's notebook
Causes : Phytium. SP (fungus) due to wet planting media is too long (up water)
Symptoms: plants look withered and weak
Control : cut the root of the rotten and then spread it with the fungicide (Dythane/Antracol); replaced media with the new one and must be porous so that not flooded water and the media must also be sterile

4. Worm attack
Causes : worm
Symptoms: the leaves became torn because of being eaten by worm
Control : capture and dispose of worm attached to the plant; sprayed Sevin or Metindo once a month

To prevent our pity aglaonema was attacked by the illness then try to get so that the cleanliness of the environment continued to be awakened.

(source : galeri aglaonema, AI : Indonesian Aglaonema)

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