Parish's Babies

Had you seen your dog gave birth? Possibly this matter has been normal, but whether you were involved in this birth? It's very extraordinary. The matter that will not be had been forgotten... on March 11 my lovely dog Parish gave birth 4 very funny children, there are 3 girls and 1 boy.
Because this was the first time Parish gave birth of course made concerned whether it will give birth normally or must the operation? Since the day Parish began to be restless, signs will give birth increasingly was seen when the hour showed struck 12 at midnight. When I was sleeping Parish visited me and stood by me while dismissing concern voices, afterwards it entered the pen. At the time I felt if it will immediately give birth. I did not have equipment that was adequate for the process of the birth so as I only used equipment an existence available in the house. After being waiting around 5 minutes, finally the first child was born and was followed by the second and the third. The fourth child was born around 10 minutes after the third. I feel so happy when the process gave birth was ended and saw Parish began to suckle its babies.
It's really amazing could help my dog gave birth...


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